Game Server Hosting Australia

Its about time that the great nation of Australia had the same quality game server hosting as Europe and the United States and that is why we started GameServers-Australia. We have bought together staff with vast experience in game server hosting to deliver the ultimate game hosting experience with help from friends in the industry to launch the best game server templates and control panel experience that the Australian people have been missing out on. 





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Our Services

24 Hour Support

We are always here if you need us. Simply open a support ticket and get answers within minutes.

Easy To Use CP

We know that configuring a game server can be frustrating at the best of times. That is why we have created easy to use configuration editors.

Sydney Data Centre

Our Sydney data centre has DDOS protection and extreme low latency, even as far as field as Brisbane.

Paypal Accepted

Unlike many hosts, we accept PayPal as a payment method.

High End Dell Hardware

We use high end Dell 720 machines for optimum performance.

Customer Care

We know customer care and support is the most important aspect of server hosting and thats why we have at least five members of staff on at all times to make sure we are always covered during busy phases.

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